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Simple, Customized Hiring Solutions

Career Services

Working with a recruiter has its advantages.

Having a strategic plan in place plays a key role in making the most effective use of your time and conducting a successful job search. Knowing where to start and what to do next keeps you focused on reaching your goal while significantly reducing the stress of a job search and decreasing the time it takes to land that "perfect job”.

Career achievements are what you must sell to employers, not a laundry list of employer names, duties, and responsibilities. Your career achievements demonstrate and emphasize:

  • Your value to an organization
  • Your industry strengths and areas of expertise
  • Your talents and ability to deliver strong results

Your resume must answer an employer’s ultimate question - "Why you?"

After 15 years of executive recruiting we know what employers want. Writing resumes that position you as a candidate for a qualified interview is our area of expertise. Employers appreciate candidates who are confident and can define their skills, and know how they can best fit a perspective company. We understand how imperative it is that your resume presents your value and markets you to the fullest to attract the attention of potential employers.

Some things you should know about our "Resume and CV Service"!

  • We don't use templates. Each resume written is unique to our client’s personal skills and accomplishments. Because you are not like everyone else, our resumes are written one at a time, “from scratch”. We take the time to emphasize your special skills and experience and make you truly stand out.
  • We provide a very personalized service. Producing a powerful resume takes time and thought. That's why we don't “rush through it” and “turn around a resume” in just 1 day. Our service includes a personal telephone interview with one of our Senior Consultants who will “take the time to get to know you.”
  • We don't entice you with low-cost resumes and then add on charges for the other things you need. All our packages are complete with exactly the right documents required for your job search.

Our Process

For us to give you the best resume, we need to get to know you. Where some firms use either a short questionnaire OR a phone interview, we utilize an extensive self-evaluation form and in-depth phone interview.

First we start with our self-evaluation form which will ask you questions about your career goals and experiences. If you have an electronic version of your existing resume, we will ask for a copy. We will request a personal consultation that is necessary for us to fully understand you and how to best market you to employers. We will schedule an IN-DEPTH phone interview to go over your self-evaluation answers and make sure we know everything needed to make you stand out! (This is just one of the ways we are different from other firms).

We will prepare a draft resume for your review within 3 - 5 business days.

The first step in a successful job search is to"Wow" them with a powerful resume.

Our Philosophy

  • Everyone is different so each and every resume is written "from scratch."
  • We don't like "flowery" phrases that show you we can write but are not appreciated by employers and recruiters. Our resumes are designed to be easy to read and understand and make the reader want to read more.
  • We distinguish you from everyone else, emphasizing details that are specific to you, such as the size and scope of your projects and accomplishments.
  • We use a format that is appropriate for the position you want. We will write a 1-page resume if it makes sense or a 3-page resume if it is warranted.

You Will Receive

  • A Professionally Written Resume that reveals your personal value, emphasizes your career accomplishments, and demonstrates your unique ability to make a difference within an organization.
  • An Electronic Copy of your print resume.
  • An ASCII version of your resume. Completing online forms, posting your resume on the Internet, or e-mailing it to potential employers or recruiters will require your resume and cover letter to be in plain-text format (aka ASCII format). Our resume packages include electronic files (ASCII / MS Word). ASCII formatted documents ensure maximum readability and glitch-free transmission for your online job search.
  • A Scannable Resume for HR databases that is keyword optimized.
  • A Personalized Cover letter that you can re-use for each job application. This proactive document will communicate your qualifications and compliment your resume while remaining focused and flexible and easily modified for specific job opportunities.
  • A post-interview Thank You Letter.
  • A list of dozens of web sites you can use to post your new resume.


Use our Internet Job Board Posting Service by subscribing to our Deluxe Package and we will place your resume on the Top Niche job boards in your industry. We will also setup Job Search Agents that send you an e-mail every time a job is posted that meet YOUR criteria. This critical service ensures that you are among the FIRST to see new job postings when they are listed.

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Tap this Market through our Customized Direct Mail Program

Think all the jobs advertised are on websites or newspapers? Absolutely NOT! Many of the great ones are never published. According to the Department of Labor, 80% of all job openings go unadvertised. To find these you must explore the "hidden job market." It takes a proactive approach, tracking down potential openings and actively following up on leads. You won't find much competition for these "unadvertised jobs" so the extra effort to track them down is well worth it.

Utilize our Customized Direct Mail Program to conduct job market research. We have access to a database with over 16 million companies in the United States. We will help you analyze the job title you are seeking and where the best opportunities lie. We will work with you to identify Hiring Managers at companies that meet your criteria for location, industry and size. We will develop a direct mail campaign that is specific to you. This is by far the most effective and successful way to find a job.

We do everything including the printing of your cover letter on the finest watermarked stationery available ...signed in blue ink, sealed, stamped and delivered. Executives who send out 300 letters per $100k of salary, 85% find a job in less than 90 days and 40% get multiple job offers. About 50% find a job in less than 90 days with 100 letters. Rates vary depending on the number of letters you choose to send.

Please contact our Consultants for a customized quotation.