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Executive Search

Providing exceptional service in executive search

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The booming economy has created a job market described as ever changing, profoundly knowledgeable, yet less committed than in previous decades.

This dynamic has created real hiring dilemmas for employers trying to attract the best talent. How can a company find top-level employees at a time when the demand is increasing, the pool is shrinking, and employees themselves are more sophisticated in the demands they negotiate? How can senior management make good hiring decisions when they are already overburdened with a growing workload? How does an employer avoid the very costly impact of a poor hire, the loss of essential players, and unfilled positions? With so many variables at play, an executive search consultant can provide much needed expertise in the quest to find outstanding candidates that combine technical expertise with personal qualities fitting an organization’s culture.

Marko International is committed to providing exceptional service in executive search. Each search assignment goes far beyond the recruitment of candidates. Rather it becomes an opportunity to partner with clients and to contribute to their organizational well-being through a close, hands-on relationship.

Initially, a consultant meets with a client to determine needs and design a customized search strategy that uses the following steps:

  • An assessment of organizational culture obtained through structured interviews with senior management and key personnel.
  • A comprehensive drafting of the position profile that includes necessary competencies and qualifications.
  • An integrated approach that blends traditional search methods with technology.
  • Thorough screening of candidates based on criteria combining the position profile and organizational fit.
  • An extensive interview process that includes telephone screens, video and/or personal structured interviews, and in-depth interviews with finalists.
  • Strong marketing of client to candidates.
  • Interview training with the hiring team.
  • Frequent progress reports to client.
  • Attentiveness to regular communication with candidates.
  • Involvement with client and candidate through the final stages of extending, negotiating and accepting an offer.

In addition Marko International has partnered with consultants to provide strategic human resources consultation and psychological assessments when deemed appropriate by the client.

Initial consultation with Marko International is always free. Fees for placement or staffing services are provided on a retained or combined basis, depending on the search. Seminars and workshops are always customized. All services are guaranteed.