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Simple, Customized Hiring Solutions

How to Survive an Interview

Be prepared to answer questions like:

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  • Why did you choose this particular role? What do you really want to do in your next career move? 
  • Why would you like to work for our organization? 
  • What do you want to be doing in your career five years from now? Why?
  • What was the size of your last salary review/bonus?
  • What style of management gets the best from you?
  • What interests you about our products or services? 
  • What have you learned from some of the jobs you have held? Which did you enjoy most? Why? 
  • What is your major weakness? What have you done about it? 
  • What do you think determines a person's progress in a good company? 
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • How do you spend your spare time? What are your hobbies? 
  • What does 'teamwork' mean to you? 
  • Have you saved any money? What entrepreneurial activities have you been engaged in? 
  • What type of books do you read? What was the last one?