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How to Survive an Interview

Closing the interview:

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  • If you are interested in the position, ask for it. Ask for the next interview if the situation demands. If he/she offers the position to you, and you want it, accept on the spot. If you wish some time to think it over, be courteous and tactful in asking for that time. Set a definite date when you can provide an answer.
  • Don't be too discouraged if no definite offer is made, or specific salary discussed. The interviewer will probably want to communicate with his/her office first or interview more applicants before making a decision.
  • If you get the impression that the interview is not going well and that you have already been rejected, don't let your discouragement show. Once in a while an interviewer who is genuinely interested in your possibilities may seem to discourage you in order to test your reaction.
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time and consideration of you. If you have answered the two questions uppermost in his/her mind: 
    • Why are you interested in the job and the company?
    • What can you offer and can you do the job?
    • You have done all you can. Smile.

After the interview:

Last, and most important, call the consultant who referred you to the position immediately after the interview and explain what happened. He/she will want to talk with you before the interviewer calls him/her back.

If you are interested in progressing further it will assist if your feelings towards the position are known, together with your perception of what the client's reaction is likely to be.